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More and more diseases are being researched on due to their devastating effect. The affected and the infected all get into the same problem. They often feel drained emotionally and financially by such diseases.  The researchers have been doing a lot of research so as to establish the causes of such diseases. They have also been involved in the search for the cure of such diseases and in preventive measures as well to reduce the devastating effect.

sample-tubeHerpes has been one such kind of a disease since its cure has not been discovered. Being associated with sex, herpes is a sensitive disease that most people will not want to talk about but which many have been infected by.

Though herpes does not have a cure, there are more ways than one that one can be able to manage it. By managing herpes it means that there will be less pain for the sick people and that she/he can be able to control the recurrence of this disease.

It is important for one to carry out as much research from different places just to ensure that they get as much information that can help them when sick. Asking from relatives and friends who have had such a condition before would really help in herpes cure treatment and management. Consulting a doctor of course will go a long way in preventing further spreading of this disease and in its management. A lot can also be learnt from the internet as so many people share their experiences and how they went about it in a bid to help others who could be going through the same situation.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the remedies that can be done at home and which will help in reducing the itchiness and the severity of the herpes disease.

If you have herpes, either type 1 or type 2, then you will definitely have sores. These sores are usually painful and itchy. Managing the sores is possible and can be done at home using some simple techniques.

Cornstarch and baking soda powders are some of the remedies that can be used. Apply the powder on the infected area. The powder helps in speeding up the healing process by keeping the wound dry.

Lysine though naturally made by the body from meat need to be supplemented at such a time. It is important in the recovery of the herpes it being an essential amino acid. In as much as one will be getting the lysine from their meat intake, one can get supplements with the help of their physician.

With this information, one should be able to help themselves, their family members, friends or even the community if they find out that they are actually suffering from the disease

It is important to note that though these methods are for the purposes of relieving the irritation, one should seek medical attention from a doctor so as to be advised on how far the disease has been healed and what else to do. Do not rely on the methods alone.