Is Surgery Really the Best Way to Get Rid of Cellulite?

ExerciseWhen natural methods are not fast enough to remove cellulite, people turn to surgery or other treatments. But the question is, do they really get rid of cellulite? Are they worth the many dollars you will spend? Of course, answers to these questions vary for different treatments. Here are some of the most common surgery and treatments and their results.

  1. Cellulaze

Cellulaze is the newest FDA-approved treatment that involves a laser procedure to eliminate cellulite. The procedure goes like this. First, tiny incisions the size of a fine pen are inserted into your skin where there is cellulite. After the numbing solution is applied, the laser fiber will be put through the incision areas. Then, the laser starts to heat up and melts out the fat underneath the layer of your skin. The good thing about Cellulaze is that it not only removes cellulite, but it also deals with strengthening your skin so that it is more elastic. This is a good prevention technique for further cellulite problems.

But is Cellulaze as effective as the internet says? According to those who have used this one-time treatment, it has only reduced cellulite in the body. It does not get rid of cellulite 100%.

  1. Endermologie

Unlike Cellulaze which is only done once to notice results, endermologie is most effective when done for 6-10 treatments at least once a month. This is also FDA-approved, but it’s not surgical. What happens during an endermologie treatment is you lie down while a doctor uses a vacuum suction that kneads your skin (which then affects the fatty layer beneath it). The device smoothens and stretches the skin so that cellulite is less visible, but as the treatment shows, it does not remove cellulite at all. Endermologie only makes it less visible, but it does not reduce the excess fatty tissue residing underneath the dermis.

  1. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a more common treatment in Europe and in Asia. This is because it isn’t FDA-approved unlike the first two treatments mentioned. What mesotherapy does is inject vitamins and minerals to the layer of tissue underneath your skin. This helps in breaking down fats and increases the rate that they are broken down.

While the procedure may look like it is targeting the very root cause of cellulite, it does not eradicate the condition. It helps even out the skin so that the dimpling is lessened, and it also breaks down fatty tissue. However, this treatment does not remove all the cellulite in your body.

These three treatments are the most famous ones tried in different parts of the world. They are effective, but only to an extent as cellulite is not something that is gone in one go. Treatments can be very effective if they are complemented with natural methods.